About Us

We are Team Rockmart!

Our dojo for making Lean fun and cultivating a continuous improvement culture is a Chick-fil-A franchise in Rockmart, Georgia.

How did Lean6Ninja come about?

During the summer of 2017, our leadership team met and collaborated several times a week before our new store’s Grand Opening on Sept. 14th, 2017. Over that summer we studied 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers. This is when our operator, Zach Thomas, challenged us to come up with ways to make Lean fun. It was during these early days of pioneering with Lean that Zach came up with the name Lean6Ninja, because it rhymes with Lean 6 Sigma, just based on the thought process of what is cooler than the highest certification in Lean 6 Sigma, the black belt?

Well, obviously, it’s a NINJA!

That is how Lean6Ninja.com was born! Our team got together and decided this would be a place to offer Lean ideas to the rest of the chain.

We believe lean is ultimately a tool to develop people. Establishing a culture of continuous improvement empowers and engages team members and leads to excellence in all areas of the business.

Making Lean fun and cultivating a continuous improvement culture.